A Letter From the Editor

In which The Author gets an email from an old friend

(First published on MySpace, 23 December 2007)

I had an email the other day from an old pal who’d found me on Facebook. Back in the day, I used to hang about the Aberdare Leader office when Rowland was the editor, toying with a career in journalism. He printed a few brief items of mine, mostly on the local music scene, and paid the very generous sum of 4p a line – a welcome little boost to the weekly giro. After he moved on to pastures new, my interest fizzled out as well.
Since then, I’ve had a number of letters printed in the paper. I’m sure the current editor must dread seeing one of my handwritten envelopes on the doormat when he comes into the office.
But I’ve never before had a letter from the editor. I went for lunch from work yesterday and Rowland was passing the shop as I left. If I’d gone on time, I’d have missed him, but I was late and we bumped into each other. We’re meeting up for a pint in Cardiff sometime over Christmas.
It’s one of the beauties of the Internet that you can catch up with people you haven’t seen for ages.
So why the hell can’t I find the Australian girl who broke my heart and apologize to her for being a fucking idiot?

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