A Minor Miracle

In which The Author has a date

Jenny turned up as arranged last night.
That’s worthy of comment in its own right, but I think (fingers crossed) that she might be over the worst. We met up in a pub in Aberdare when I got back from uni and she got back from work. She still looked good, even though we haven’t seen each other for months. Even though she’s nearly twenty years younger than me, we’ve got so much in common that the age difference doesn’t matter. We had a good chat and a catch-up over soft drinks, as she was driving and I didn’t feel like an early beer for once.
She told me that she’d managed to find a counsellor in Cardiff whom she felt comfortable with, and was dealing with her emotional problems in a constructive and productive way. She’s got a new job, which she’s enjoying and isn’t too far away so she’s not spending ages travelling. I showed her the slide show I’d put together for Psychology last week, and we compared notes on the Creative Writing course (which Jenny also took when she was studying there a few years ago).
We went for a meal in a pub a little way out of town. I haven’t been in there for years – not since the previous regime, when it traded under a different name and was completely different inside. The menu was large, varied and reasonably priced, although the drinks were rather expensive. We had to wait a while for our food, but we weren’t desperate to eat, so we didn’t mind. I had a tuna and pasta bake, which was very tasty and filling when served with chips and peas. Jenny opted for a surf’n’turf, which also looked very tempting, even from the point of view of a non-meat eater.
Strangely enough, the internal layout of the pub was very similar to a pub which I dreamed about a few weeks ago. I was in London with my brother, and walking around an old part of the city we found a small pub which went back a long way, and which was serving food (although we didn’t order anything to eat on that occasion). Odd.
We returned to our local for a last drink before going home. The boys were in watching football, so Jenny didn’t have chance to ask Mike W. about his photoshoots. Even so, while we were sitting at the bar, we engaged in some serious flirting. It’s the first time I’ve been out with Jenny when she’s been sober, so it put my mind at rest that it wasn’t just the drink talking on previous occasions. Afterwards we texted each other a couple of times until my battery died.
Considering it’s taken us nearly nine months to get to our second date, we’re not exactly rushing into anything – but I think this could be a nice Xmas after all …

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