A Letter to the Editor 7

In which The Author writes from the perspective of an 80-year old woman

I wrote this to the Cynon Valley Leader in an attempt to get some publicity for mates who had a band. It was intended as a homage to Joe Orton’s ‘Edna Welthorpe’ letters – and it failed dismally. It never saw the printed page. Maybe the editor rumbled me this time – I don’t know – but we got our revenge a bit later (see ‘Poets’ Corner‘) …

27th March 1988
Dear Editor
As a senior citizen I do not often venture into the town centre except in the company of my grandchildren. Last weekend we were walking along Canon Street when I remarked upon the large number of bills stuck on the old music shop. I commented on how awful they made the town look, but at that point I had not read them closely.
Imagine my disgust when I studied them in detail. In particular, the posters put up by a band calling themselves ‘Wicker Man’ struck me as completely offensive. Foul language, blatant sexual references and obscene so-called ‘humour’ may be all right for the likes of the Spice Girls, but do we really need to have such filth plastered all over the walls of our town centre? I, for one, do not think so.
In recent weeks your newspaper has carried several letters both praising and criticising the young people of Aberdare. I was in the former camp until I encountered these totally unnecessary objects thrust in front of my nose! Now, I am not too sure. Despite my advanced age I am no prude, and indeed no-one enjoys a ‘Carry On’ film as much as I do, but surely we must draw the line somewhere. In a civilised society young children should not be exposed to vulgarity such as this each time they go to the shops.
To the police I say: please take the appropriate action to prevent any further occurrences of this nature. To ‘Wicker Man’ I say simply: Grow up and start acting like responsible adults, instead of infants who have just discovered the shock value of shouting ‘bum’ at their parents.
Please do not print my name and address, as I am afraid of reprisals from these young hooligans.
Yours faithfully
Mrs E.B. Maxwell

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