Offender Profiling

In which The Author does some psychological research

One good thing about studying Forensic Science and Psychology in my first year is that it’s enabled me to understand a lot more about the art and science of offender profiling. One recent phenomenon (an unfortunate by-product of the Internet) is so-called Cyber-bullying.
I myself have fallen victim to this over the last week or so (which is why my readers can no longer comment on my blog). The person in question – naturally – hides behind the anonymity offered by the World Wide Web. However, drawing on my long experience of bullying at school, and my substantial reading of the literature, I’ve drawn up a psychological profile. It’s only a first attempt, and without the textbooks and journals to hand I can’t claim that it’s entirely comprehensive, but here goes:
  • The subject is white, male, and working class. His own childhood was characterised by an absent father. His mother had a string of boyfriends, at least one of whom was abusive to the subject – if not sexually, then certainly physically. He grew up thinking of a violent domestic situation as a normal state of affairs. If confronted with any form of obstacle (physical or mental), he vented his anger on those around him.
  •  The subject is of low intelligence. An academic failure, he is either unemployed or working in a menial job. From his mid-teens, he has been dependent on alcohol and/or drugs. During his schooldays, he was drawn towards team sports (football or rugby), not from any sense of camaraderie, but because he sought out the presence of even stronger males. At this time, he had his first voluntary homosexual experience. The resulting sense of shame forced him to overcompensate by becoming a ‘macho man’.
  • He fathered a number of children from broken relationships in his teens and early twenties. He is no longer in contact with his children, because their mothers (or the courts) will not allow him access. He has been unable to form a lasting relationship with a woman, either because he is now impotent, or finds the effort of concealing his homosexuality too much to cope with. This will result in outbursts of sudden violence towards men and women, especially those whom he perceives as ‘superior’.
  • The subject feels that those who were victims of his bullying as children still deserve his attention. He is clearly extremely insecure and ashamed of his sexual failings – hence his chosen Internet pseudonym of ‘Big Balls’, which is evidently an attempt at overcompensation.
  • He believes that by hiding behind the protective shield offered by the Internet, he can continue to exert his malign influences over his victims. He is not a psychopath (he is not intelligent or charming enough for that) but shows sociopathic tendencies. He almost certainly has a record for crimes of violence, and is dangerous to those around him.
  • He is also not intelligent enough to realise that his IP address is recorded in every comment he submits to my blog, and that the relevant authorities have been informed.