Where I Go in My Dreams (Part 7)

In which The Author has another lucid dream

This place has turned up on a number of occasions, now I think about it, but last night I actually realised that it was just a figment of my imagination while I was still dreaming.
It’s a shop which has never existed, only a few minutes’ walk from my house, near the top gates of Aberdare Park. There’s a real mini-supermarket in Llewellyn Street, but this dream one is in Windsor Street. You go in through the street door and the whole thing is vast, with those big chest freezers in the centre and shelves around the perimeter. It doesn’t feel like an old-fashioned shop, and in fact it seems to be more modern and better stocked than the real shop around the corner. For some reason, in my dreams, I’m usually in there because the real shop didn’t have what I wanted. I’m the only customer a lot of the time, and there’s usually just one guy behind the counter. There never seems to be anyone else there.
Anyway, last night I realised that not only was it not there in my dream – it had never really existed. I was with my brother, and when we got to Llewellyn Street, the real shop was closed as well. The outside was boarded up and the paint on the sign was faded and peeling. It felt almost as though Trecynon had been abandoned entirely, with just this relic left to remind us of the past.