Incomplete List of Annoyances (Part 4)

In which The Author ponders one aspect of
the British banking system

There are at least two cashpoints in my area which have been programmed in an extremely annoying manner. When you take out £20, it is dispensed as two ten pound notes, rather than a single twenty. Later in the week (and usually when the banks are closed) you try to take out a tenner, you get a message saying that only £20 notes are available.
Of course there are only bloody £20s available! The reason is obvious to anyone with half a brain cell. All the tenners have been given out to customers who wanted to withdraw £20 in the first place! So you’re forced to take out a twenty – all the time, wishing and hoping that you’ve got enough in your account to cover it.
Mind you, there are signs of improvement. The new cashpoint at the Students’ Union at the University of Glamorgan (after several weeks of being out of action) actually dispenses fivers. At least someone had the good sense to reflect on what student life is like.