A Letter to the Editor 13

In which The Author supports a Liberal Democrat (believe it or not!)

Disclaimer: After Nick Clegg’s ear-splitting, tyre-shredding, gearbox-destroying, multiple-g-force-inducing handbrake turn over student tuition fees, I feel guilty about even typing that bit. I’ll apologise now to all my uni friends who may be reading this.
My friend Mike Powell, from Pontypridd, used to be one of the Liberal Democrat councillors in Rhondda Cynon Taf. As of May last year, he’s the Lib Dem councillor in RCT. I won’t take the piss too much, as he’s got enough to contend with as it is. (It can’t be easy for him, trying to canvass support in a town full of students.) Anyway, he’s been a leading light in the campaign to refurbish the swimming pool in Ynysangharad Park, and a couple of months ago he had a letter printed in the Pontypridd Observer. He shared it on Facebook, and I decided to pen a letter of support. I don’t know whether it made into the Observer, but the Cynon Valley Leader printed it in the issue dated 17 January 2013. The group editor at Media Wales may have decided that he’d like to spread the word across the county borough. Alternatively, he took one look at my address and stuck it in to fill up some space on my local rag’s letters page. Either way, here it is:
I second Councillor Mike Powell’s call for full disclosure of the facts surrounding RCT Council’s decision not to refurbish the paddling pool along with the lido at Ynysangharad Park in Pontypridd.
Until I saw the fascinating BBC Wales documentary on the town last year, I had no idea that the facility even existed.
Here in Aberdare, the same cash-strapped authority has spent nearly £10m on laying new pavements and tarting up the area near the library.
They obviously think that this will bring tourists flocking to a struggling town with a dozen or so chain stores, a similar number of independent retailers, and a plethora of hair salons and tanning salons.
Some of that money could have been far better spent on restoring Pontypridd Lido to its former glory, and creating a real attraction in the town.
In my opinion, RCTCBC needs to re-evaluate its priorities, instead of pleading poverty at every opportunity.

Scanned Document


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