A Letter to the Editor 14

In which The Author is a tad cynical

I could be wrong, but I think this is my last-ever letter to the Cynon Valley Leader on the subject of public transport. It was printed in the issue dated April 7, 2007. At the time, Network Rail and Arriva Trains Wales were building a crossing loop to allow bidirectional working on the Merthyr Tydfil line. Abercynon station was completely rebuilt to accommodate the increased traffic. The Leader‘s unpaid stringer for the village, Stuart Gregory, put a paragraph in the paper to announce that the work had been completed. Needless to say, after a decade and a half of commuting to Cardiff, I was less than optimistic when the plans were announced…
I was intrigued to read Stuart Gregory’s Abercynon column a few weeks ago. It seems that the redevelopment of Abercynon railway station will allow passengers to ‘throw away the timetable.’ May I assure Mr Gregory that those of us who battle with Arriva Trains Wales in order to get to and from work did just that a couple of years ago.