Incomplete List of Annoyances (Part 6)

In which The Author goes bump in the night

Yet another reason to hate this fucking town (as if one were needed):
The local authority builds fucking obstacle courses full of booby traps and calls them ‘car parks.’ RCTCBC will be having a claim from me on Tuesday morning, for (at the very least) a new pair of tights and a new pair of gloves to replace the ones I ruined by going flying on the way to Wetherspoons last night.)


Here’s a handy note to street furniture architects: If you’re going to build a small and totally unnecessary one-course brick structure in the middle of a pedestrian walkway, at least have the common sense to paint the fucking thing white! Failing that, don’t use exactly the same materials as the surrounding area so that the step up is as good as invisible.
(q.v. The gradually-rising kerb leading to the new seating area outside B&M, and the pointless two-tier kerb by Barclays Bank, which are surely serious accidents just waiting to happen.)