Weird Coincidences (Part 94)

In which The Author feels unseasonally chilly

This morning, for no good reason, I woke up with a song in my mind. It happens to me most days, usually as the result of something I’ve dreamt under the influence of Mirtazapine. This time, though, it was a song I haven’t listened to for a number of years …

Listen to the words of the first part of the song. It’s about a guy who’s been deep frozen for interstellar flight. A very Hawkwind subject for a song, naturally.
When I switched on Radio 4 in time for the lunchtime weather forecast, I caught the last few minutes of You and Yours. In the earlier part of the programme, they’d apparently been talking about cryonics. That stopped me in my tracks. It’s not the sort of topic that regularly turns up on consumer programmes, after all. A witty listener had Tweeted in, saying that if our fuel bills keep increasing we’ll all be frozen solid before long.
How’s that for a synchronicity?

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