Where I Go in My Dreams (Part 13)

In which The Author discovers a new place to go

This place seems to be a fairly new addition to my regular subconscious itinerary. I’m pretty sure it’s in Aberdare somewhere, as there are usually people I know in the scene as well. In my dream it lies somewhere between Plasdraw and Maesydre, but in that would put it smack in the middle of the bypass. Like some of the other places I visit in my dreams, it feels real enough at the time, but I know it doesn’t (or didn’t) exist in reality
It’s a busy little shopping area of small shops and market stalls, a short walk from the town centre. There’s a fairly decent pub as well, with comfortable seats and a good crowd. There’s a large building at the end of the block which opens its doors periodically as a nightclub. I’ve been in there a couple of times, when they’ve had a fetish night, but I’ve always left before things really get going.
Last night, when I was browsing through the market stalls, I came across the ruins of a large church. It was enclosed within high stone walls and surrounded by a narrow ‘moat’ of brackish water. I decided not to explore inside the grounds, as there seemed to be mosquitoes flying around just above the surface of the water. I went for a walk around the perimeter instead, and found myself in an area of grassy wasteland. There was a path cutting across the grass, and I had a vague feeling that it led to South Avenue and Co-operative Cottages, but I’ve no idea why I knew that.