Things I Learned From the Radio This Month (October 2013)

In which The Author continues to be surprised

  • In 1957, Aldous Huxley wrote to Leonard Bernstein, outlining a libretto he’d written for a musical adaptation of Brave New World and looking for a collaborator. (Front Row, Radio 4, 28 October)
  • After being sacked by the BBC, Kenny Everett was given a chance to redeem himself with another series. Before he went on the air, the producer gave him a stern caution about his future conduct. Everett started his show by saying, ‘I’ve just been told I mustn’t say the word “penis.”’ (The Museum of Curiosity, Radio 4, 28 October)
  • In the UK, court sketch artists have to work from memory, as they’re not allowed to work while the court is in session. (PM, Radio 4, 30 October)
  • A new book about abandoned film projects includes an account of Charlie Chaplin’s unmade biopic of Napoleon Bonaparte. (The Film Programme, Radio 4, 31 October)

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