Flying Blind

In which The Author should have gone to Specsavers

I’ve forgotten to bring my glasses out with me, so this is going to be a very quick one. All typos are entirely my own fault (and should give Rob H. something to play with.)

Like every self-respecting SF aficionado, I marked the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who over the weekend. I’m working on an entry in which I talk about the series, and the important part it’s played in my life. I was planning to finish it tonight. However, in the circumstances, that will have to wait for another day – preferably when I can see what the hell I’m doing!
For the time being, I thought I’d share a couple of photos I took when I was at MediaCity UK, just over a year ago.
They're shorter than they look on TV...
They’re shorter than they look on TV…
My key didn't work. Bloody isomorphic controls!
My key didn’t work. Bloody isomorphic controls!
I was hardly going to walk out of the BBC studio complex without taking these, was I?