Missing, Presumed Lost (Part 2)

In which The Author remembers more of his overdue books

Yesterday’s news of the death of Peter O’Toole prompted me to revisit Keith Waterhouse’s play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, which was televised in 1999. I acquired a rather glitchy AVI file of the TV broadcast a couple of years ago, and watched it again last night. I saw the play in Cardiff’s New Theatre when it toured a number of years ago, with Dennis Waterman in the title role, but I was never lucky enough to see the man who really brought the character to life onstage.
It occurred to me afterwards that there are a few other outstanding items from my Lending Library (see Missing, Presumed Lost) so – more as a note to myself than anything else – here’s Part Two of the list:
  • JEFFREY BERNARD – Low Life, Jeffrey Bernard is Still Unwell
  • KEITH WATERHOUSE – Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell/Bookends/Mrs Pooter’s Diary
  • SELLAR & YEATMAN – 1066 And All That
  • JOE ORTON – The Complete Plays
  • GRAHAM HANCOCK – Fingerprints of the Gods
  • ROBERT CHARROUX – The Mysterious Unknown
  • CARL SAGAN – Cosmos
On the plus side, Neil R. has very kindly sourced replacement copies of Isaac Asimov’s The Caves of Steel and Brian Aldiss’s Greybeard for me. We met up for a long-overdue coffee last week, and he gave them to me as an early Xmas present. That’s two down, umpteen to go. Watch this space…

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