That’s Torn It!

In which The Author wishes he hadn’t spoken so soon

This afternoon I spent a very pleasant few hours exploring Penygraig and Williamstown in the Rhondda Fawr Valley. I wanted partly to try and take advantage of the sudden spell of fine weather we’ve been enjoying, and partly to try and get the Vanishing Valleys project back on track (see Where Do We Draw The Line?)
Armed with my camera and a train ticket to Tonypandy, I set off before lunchtime and returned to Aberdare just as it started to rain. I picked up a few odds and ends in Iceland before heading to The Gloster Arms for a pint.
While I was there, I commented to a couple of my pals that I’d probably regret this sudden burst of activity in the morning. My back hasn’t been right for a long time, and even getting up to visit the gents’ I could feel a familiar shooting pain down my left leg.
One thing led to another, and I had two pints before leaving in time for the 2030 bus home. By this time, it was absolutely hammering down with rain, so I decided to catch the bus by Aberdare Library. As I was boarding, the same shooting pain jolted me again. I was lucky to get a seat near the front, and about five minutes later I disembarked at my stop.
As I was crossing the road my left leg gave way entirely, and I went sprawling in the middle of the zebra crossing. Luckily for me there were no cars coming, so I picked myself up and hobbled the short distance to my house.
Needless to say, the fall had the expected effect. There’s now a very conspicuous hole in the knee of my jeans. I’m not amused, because trying to find a pair which fit me properly has been a task in itself over the past couple of years. The Peacocks store in Brecon came up trumps on one visit with Mother, when they had three pairs in my size. However, since then I’ve had very little luck. It’s not even as though I’m young enough to walk around with ripped jeans and pass them off as a fashion statement any more. I suppose I’ll have to spend tomorrow morning looking for a new pair in Aberdare’s very limited range of menswear shops. Wish me luck…

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