A Letter to RCT Arts

In which The Author finally gives in to temptation

The latest email from Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC Arts pinged into my inbox a few minutes ago. It was a promotional piece for the latest production of yet another Frank Vickery play (see Connecting People) at Pontypridd’s Muni Theatre.
The Muni is one of the borough’s cultural amenities which is currently threatened with closure, as I’ve outlined in Lost Heritage, What Future and elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Coliseum in Aberdare and the Parc and Dare in Treorchy are facing an uncertain future, operating what has been described as ‘a reduced programme.’ Considering that the Coliseum has only recently started showing anything other than kids’ films – I broke my 3D duck in spectacular fashion with Gravity a few weeks ago – it makes one wonder how the programme can be reduced any further.
With this in mind, I’ve just sent the following email to RCT Arts:
Dear Sir/Madam
Thank for the heads-up about Frank Vickery’s new play, which is probably very similar (if not identical) to all his other plays. While I’m sure there are many people in the Valleys who find outmoded 1970s stereotypes hilarious (witness the continuing popularity of Grand Slam), I’m not one of them.
I can’t help thinking that if you committed as much time, effort and money to promoting the shows by touring world-class musicians and contemporary comedians, maybe your venues wouldn’t be threatened with closure. Just saying…

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