Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

In which The Author gives you a quick sitrep

Since I told you about Mike Brandon and the Shake4Mike appeal last time (see The Shake4Mike Appeal Needs Your Help!) things have been moving very quickly.
The Anthony Nolan Trust announced earlier today that registration of potential stem cell donors has gone up by a mighty 650% in a week. Last night, the campaign’s Facebook page had a photo of extra volunteers who’d been drafted in to help post out the sampling kits. However, only one person in a thousand will be compatible with someone needing treatment. It’s important that as many people register their details as is humanly possible.
With this in mind, I’d ask you (again) to share this campaign far and wide. You can use the hashtag #Shake4Mike in your Tweets; you can like and share the Facebook page; and you can join in the Shake4Mike fun yourself, like I did this afternoon:

It’s as easy as that: shake your face, take a photo, add the hashtag, and upload it to whatever social media you use. Then nominate your friends to do the same. Simple!
Most importantly, if you’re aged between sixteen and thirty, then please join the tissue register! You simply have to supply a saliva sample and the doctors will do the rest. With only one compatible person in a thousand, the chances of finding a match increase greatly as more people join the register. Even if you’re outside the target age group, tell your relatives, your friends and your work colleagues please about the campaign. Spread the word through your local schools and colleges, if you’ve got any contacts there. If you know anyone in the public eye, then why not try and get them on board?
Time is of the essence here, so please don’t hang around. The No Makeup Selfie went viral a couple of months ago, and raised millions for cancer research. This campaign doesn’t even want your money (although the Trust welcomes donations, of course.) It just wants your time and your saliva. Who can’t spare a little of each? Let’s put the power of social media to good effect, and try and change the world one click at a time!

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