The Incredible Vanishing Country

In which The Author contacts the BBC yet again

Dear Sir/Madam
I listened to the whole of yesterday’s [Radio 4 PM] programme, eager to learn whether Plaid Cymru’s share of the vote had held up in Thursday’s election. In hindsight, I should have bought the evening paper instead.
By the end of the programme I knew all the details of UKIP’s results; I knew exactly how Labour and the Conservatives had fared. I knew the fortunes of the SNP. In one sentence I learned how the Green Party had beaten the Liberal Democrats into fifth place.
I also knew the outlines of the results in France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Greece, and several other mainland countries.
I’d just about given up hope of hearing about my little corner of the country, when suddenly ‘Wales’ got a mention. Not a single mention, mind you – but five mentions, in rapid succession.
In the weather forecast.
I know we haven’t got a referendum on independence in the pipeline. In fact, since our political representation in Europe hasn’t changed since 2009, we obviously weren’t worth a sentence. We won’t be affected by HS2 in the slightest. Our health service and education system are somewhat insulated from the Westminster privatisation frenzy. The austerity measures which have hit the rest of Europe with a fury are old news here, where parts of the country have been in economic decline since the 1920s.
This would explain why, as far as London was concerned, there was obviously no Welsh news to report. Did we even have an election on Thursday, or did I just imagine the whole thing?
Yours faithfully
Steve O’Gorman

2 thoughts on “The Incredible Vanishing Country”

    1. You’re dead right – as far as the BBC were concerned, Plaid and the Greens weren’t even worthy of a mention. Shockingly poor performance. No wonder they’ve been reported to Ofcom for bias!

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