Where I Go in My Dreams (Part 16)

In which The Author is on painkillers again

Last night’s codeine-fulled extravaganza was a real treat. I wish I’d made some notes about it as soon as I woke up, because it was packed with incidents. This late in the day I can remember just the vague outlines.
It’s definitely not a recurring dream, although I’ve had something similar before. It was a lucid dream, because I knew I was dreaming towards the end of it. I woke up briefly when my new Noisy Neighbour (who has replaced the previous Noisy Neighbours) started hammering at about 8.00 this morning; as soon as I closed my eyes again, I went straight back into the dream.
The fragments I can remember are these:
  • I was with some of the gang I used to work with, rummaging in a very large back-of-house area of the shop. We had a few such storage areas in the old shop. The customers (fortunately) never got to see them; however, every so often (unfortunately) the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service would ask to inspect them. As a result, I spent a lot of time sorting them out, or hunting for returns and dead stock to mark down. The place in my dream was much bigger than any of our storage areas, though. It was full of rubbish, and I remember someone telling me the reason so much of it was piled up in one corner was because Dylan Thomas used it as a sleeping shelter.
  • We went exploring deeper and deeper into the mess, and eventually emerged into a huge underground chamber. It wasn’t a cave, because it was too smooth and well-lit for that. There was thick vegetation everywhere, and at one point a large red snake slithered towards us. We ran away, because even in my dream I knew that it wasn’t a harmless British specimen.
  • Later on, we found ourselves in a large crowd of people in bizarre costumes. It seemed as though some sort of religious meeting was in progress, although I can’t remember the details. I do know that we tried to leave, and were rather forcefully dissuaded from heading for the exits.
  • Right at the end of the dream, one of the people announced that the moment they’d all been waiting for had arrived – someone (or something) was about to fulfil an ancient prophesy. I’ve no idea what this prophesy was, even though it was explained during the dream.
I woke up feeling really confused, and lay there for a while wondering what on earth the dream meant (if anything!)

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