The Coincidences Are Stacking Up

In which The Author experiences more weird shit

On Monday morning, my friend Ian L. shared this stunning photo on Facebook.


I thought it was an incredible photo, so I shared it as well and complimented Ian on finding it when I bumped into him later.
A bit of research revealed that it’s a sedimentary stack off the coast of Co. Mayo, Ireland, near Downpatrick. Further research informed me that it’s called Dún Briste (‘the broken fort’). Legend says that it was the home of a pagan chieftain known as Crom Dubh (‘the Dark Man’).
And why is that such a weird coincidence? I hear you ask. It’s because Crom Dubh is a character in a trilogy of novels by Gavin G. Smith, beginning with The Age of Scorpio, continuing with A Quantum Mythology, and concluding early next year with the very one I was proofreading a fortnight ago.
Need I say any more?

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