I’d Like to Do One of Me Poems

In which The Author finds something from the archives

Yesterday was a day when connections were made, networks were reinforced, and potential business deals discussed. There must have been something in the atmosphere (apart from snow, of course) that made the conditions right.
In the space of a couple of hours, I met no fewer than three people who are writing books. Two of them are old friends who’ve downplayed that particular endeavour until now; the other is a guy whom I’ve chatted to a few times, but never in great detail. I’ve almost certainly picked up some future copy-editing work as a result.
The third chap and I were talking about the creative writing module I did during my second first year at university. I told him that, in my opinion, it was much too heavily weighted towards poetry.
As I’ve said elsewhere, I find modern poetry heavy going at best, and completely impenetrable at worst. A couple of weeks ago, a mate of mine asked me if I was interested in the idea of a poetry evening. I replied that there are only two living poets whom I rate at all: one is Roger McGough; the other one isn’t.
Anyway, this morning I was browsing through an old notebook. I found a three-line strict metre Japanese-style poem which I must have written about five years ago – or possibly even earlier, when we were studying the form in class. I thought I’d share it with you.
Dabbled with haiku
Without great success, alas
Poems not my bag

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