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A Load of Crap

In which The Author examines the contents
of his recycling bag

(First published on MySpace, 16 December 2007)

When I arrived home from work today, lying on the doormat were: my electricity bill; a Xmas brochure from the Co-op, a Xmas brochure from Argos; an advertising leaflet from the local Renault dealership; a Xmas flyer from ASDA; a Xmas flyer from TESCO; a Xmas brochure from Wilkinson’s; a flyer from Domino’s Pizza; a Xmas flyer from Poundstretcher; and Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC’s quarterly bilingual propaganda publication newsletter.
Of these, only the electricity bill was actually addressed to me personally. The rest was just crap – a bundle of crap inserted into my letterbox, as they were into every other door in my street.
This load of crap will sit in a plastic bag for the next week, until it joins the rest of the crap that comes through my door for the weekly kerbside recycling collection. I pay for this service through my council tax, which also pays for RCTCBC’s quarterly propaganda.
If I asked RCTCBC to stop sending the propaganda, therefore removing the need for it to be collected as part of my recycling, would I qualify for a rebate on my council tax?