I’m not going to write too much here, that would spoil the fun.
I was born in 1966, and apart from my year at university in 1984–85, I’ve lived in the same small town in south Wales ever since.
I started working in the retail book trade in 1989, took a short break from 1991 to 1992, and resumed my career until finally escaping in May 2009. As of September 2009 I became a full-time student again. As of October 2015 I’m self-employed as a freelance proofreader.
DISCLAIMER: Any typos in this blog are entirely my responsibility, until I get chance to go through it from start to finish and impose a consistent House Style throughout. (Everyone misses their own mistakes!)
I own my own house; I’m single; I’ve got no kids, no pets, no TV, a decent collection of DVDs and records, well over 1,300 books, no money to speak of …
This series of disconnected jottings isn’t intended to reveal any Great Truths about Life, The Universe and Everything. There are Great Writers who do that sort of thing on a regular basis. But I freely admit that I’m not exactly Mr Average, and I do tend to look at Life from a jaunty angle sometimes.
I also tend to get involved with interesting/eccentric/artistic/creative/odd people, and often find myself in situations which most people tend to pass by. If I drop the occasional name here and there, it’s not to show off – it’s just to illustrate the preceding point.
Some of these entries are recycled from an earlier blog I had on MySpace, and where possible I’ve included the original date. A few are Extracts from my Uncollected Notebooks. These are a series of small pocket books written largely in coded hieroglyphics, which I’ve carried for many years. (My literary executor is under stern instruction to burn them all before reading.) Most of the contents are random jottings, which were never intended to see the light of day. However, occasionally one piece turns up which is worthy of preservation.
Some are letters I’ve sent to newspapers and broadcasters over the years. Of these, about a third have been published. My complete scrapbook went missing some years ago. There’s a reward for its safe return.
I hope you enjoy these random (in the literal sense, not in the ‘teenspeak’ sense) outpourings, and if you do, please click the ‘like’ button and/or leave a comment. Otherwise, I’m going to feel like Jack Trevor Story (see ‘I Want to Tell You a Story’.)
And if you do find what I write to be to your tastes, why not try out my slice of Doctor Who/Torchwood fanfic, Pit Stop?


12 thoughts on “Preface”

  1. This website is just amazing. I have only just discovered it but an going to enjoy trawling through it for a long time to come 🙂 Kepp up the good work.

  2. Too much for me to read in one night. Loved the Boys Village post, and Pick’n'(re)Mix. It just about sums it up, whatever it is.
    I live in Aberdare too. Just a bit older than you, I used to frequent the Moon Club, behind and above the old Fruit Market on the Hayes, Cardiff. If you thought Bogies was shabby… (Suggest look at the notes under the words for “Another Country” on Small Symphonies).
    Excellent stuff – I’ll be back.

  3. Still loving the blogs, and hope that they wont ever stop! Oh, and it doesnt have to be a lonely Xmas, some people have worked over their insecurities, and may be worth the effort now 🙂 I hope you get in touch! xxx

  4. I loved your article on “Another One Bites the Dust”. Writings like this mean a lot to someone who was born and raised a stones throw from The Mount. I recognized several of the characters you mentioned, i.e. Bill Edwards, Dai “Narrow” (a neighbor), and Meredith Morgan the preacher. The Mount was my father’s “local”, and I spent many happy hours there as a kid enjoying crisps and pop. I left Aberdare for the United States in 1966 (I guess the year you were born), but still have a very special place in my heart for my hometown.

  5. I love reading your blog Steve. Some of it goes over my head, I suppose too many years of hard living but I enjoy it all just the same. Many thanks for sharing not only your life but your thoughts as well, it shows what a clever and articulate chap you really are and how you’re not afraid to voice your opinions.

    1. Thanks for that, Neil. I like to put a bit of work and a bit of thought into it, good to know it’s appreciated. See you soon, mate 😉

  6. Hey I just ran across your website. I hope you are still doing it. Actually I was googling “Jack Trevor Story” and landed on you. Cheers!

    1. Hi Don

      I am still writing, but not on WordPress – I relocated to Blogger about a year ago. The link is in the last entry, if you call by again. I bought a couple more of Jack’s books in a market stall a while ago, but I haven’t had chance to start them yet. 🙂 Good hunting!

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