In which The Author adopts a new look

As Doctor Who fans everywhere know, we’re due a regeneration on Xmas Day. It’s probably the worst-kept secret in TV, in fact – the odds on Peter Capaldi getting the key to the TARDIS dropped substantially in the week leading to the announcement. It was different in 1966, apparently, when William Hartnell became Patrick Troughton with no advance warning whatsoever. Anyway, here’s some advance warning for you: like the Doctor himself, I’m going to experiment with some new looks for the next couple of weeks.
Since I started this blog nearly six years ago, I’ve been using a WordPress theme named Ambiru. I liked it primarily because it was easy on the eye, simple to navigate, and didn’t demand too much of my rudimentary HTML know-how. However, I’ve been aware that the march of time has left it looking a bit ‘retro’ (to be charitable to it.) Last week, my friend John J. pointed out that the home page had become rather unwieldy, and he was right. It was time for a change of image.
This afternoon I went into the Dashboard and learned that John was on to something. The trusty old Ambiru theme is being ‘retired’; I could probably expect an email from WordPress before long, advising me that I’d have to look for something new.
With this in mind, I’ve decided to try out a couple of new themes over the next few weeks. I apologise now to my regular readers, who were no doubt as accustomed to the Ambiru layout as I was. I’ll need to try and restore the picture of the Goddess, who has illustrated my posts from Day One. Apart from that, I’m going to try and find a theme which is a bit more user-friendly for my readers.
In particular, I want to try and bring the ‘recent posts’ panel to one side, rather than at the foot of the page. John was right when he mentioned that it’s ‘a long old scroll’ to the bottom of the Contents; I’m hoping that a combination of widgets will make it easier to find your way around the more recent posts. I’ll continue to cross-reference my posts as necessary, and I’m going to try and ensure that each link opens in a new browser tab. I also need to tweak some of the YouTube links, but that’s going to be another Work in Progress and will probably take me into the new year.
Please be patient while I try and find a style which is both pleasing and practical. Like the Doctor, it might take a little while to get used to – but I can assure you that it’ll be the same blog with a brand new look.

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